Joan Munich grew up on the granite hills of El Maresme, a coastal mountain range parallel to the sea at a distance of only two to four kilometers. The bedrock is granite made of mica, quartz and feldspar. Joan planted his first plot of 0.1 ha for self-consumption in 2010 and gradually learned to be a winemaker, scrupulously respecting the natural methods of winegrowing and vinification. Through a crowdfunding project, he created the small winery Talcomraja and made his first cuvée in 2014.

Talcomraja’s vines are planted on an old plutonic granite bedrock. Over the years, Joan picked up old abandoned plots scattered on the Sierra Litoral and today he produces between 4000 and 5000 bottles a year on a total of 2 ha of vines.

This micro-production is distributed exclusively to local Catalan markets and restaurants