Primož Lavren?i? family moved to the Vipava Valley in 1499, and like most of the population in the area, they started working in the farms and viticulture. Today, Burja Estate, together with other producers, continue to develop and promote the regional winemaking of the Vipava Valley (Vipavska Dolina).

“Soil” is an essential component in the personality of Burja wines. The fertile soil developed on a base of 50-million-y.o. marly flysch and sandstones was formed in the sea during the Eocene;small nanoplankton fossils can be found in the vineyards today. The elevated tectonic forces have stratified the sea sediments and are now a significant character to the landscape and products of the Vipava Valley. The fine-grained marl resulted in a heavy soil that easily retains moisture longer.
Located 30km from the Adriatic Sea, the valley enjoys a sub-Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild winters. Swept by the famous Bora (Burja) wind reaching up to 240 kph, this area is the windiest in Slovenia.

Primož being an observant winegrower, combines the knowledge of scientific advices and the precious wisdom from ancient farmers, to create a traditional Vipava winegrowing farm with a modern understanding of wine. Focusing on the local varieties (Zelen, Pokalca, Refošk, Rebula, Malvazija),natural diversity and richness of the vineyards, he works in synergy with the vineyards and follows the biological and biodynamic principles. He particularly emphasized on the nature, especially from the soil, to express its own character in the wines.

In the cellar, Primož only controls the T°c and oxidation but leaves the rest to nature.A spontaneous fermentation is ensured by the contact between the grape juice and skin for all the white and red wines.The diversity of yeast strains contributes to the complexity of the wine and offers an original expression of each vineyard.

All macerated whites or reds from Burja have an unmatchable personality and elegance attributed to the meticulous work of the soil and the vines. Started in 2009, Burja is now one of Slovenia’s finest wineries.