Aleks is the fourth generation of Klinec winemakers who has been established in Medana since 1918. His B&B is only 1 kilometer from the Italian border and overflows from the bucolic hills of the Goriška Brda region, nestled in the far west of Slovenia between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. Because they believe that genuine flavours are only possible when using fresh, natural and locally produced foods, they also produce their own food and offer the best that grows from the local soil to their guests.

In ancient history this area was under the sea which deposited thick layers of marl and sandstone, leaving behind a ground made of Eocene rock containing many marine fossils. On the surface, this rock disintegrates quickly and turns into fertile, mineral-rich soil, while under the surface the layers alternate and thus the ground has low permeability and is good at retaining moisture.

The Klinec family works around 6 hectares of vineyard without chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. They fertilize their own vines with a homemade compost and protect them against diseases using means that are harmless to the environment and the people. All vineyards are grassed and covered with bushes and trees to live as an ecosystem that is worked in accordance with cosmic cycles. After a manual harvest, the grape berries are separated from the stems ; the vinification of the juice is processed in contact with the grapes and takes 5 to 30 days. Following the alcoholic and malo-lactic fermentations,the wine matures on lees for two to three years in traditional barrels made of the wood of acacia, mulberry, wild cherry or oak.

Medana has been renowned for the quality of its wines for generation. In 1787 under the Holy Roman Empire, a new Cru classification was created ranking the best winemaking places. In a range from I to VIIII, Medana was classified as I, the equivalent of a Grand Cru. This old classification document appears in the background on the label of their wines.