~ Red Wine ~
~ 30 % Merlot, 20 % Oblin, 20 % Cinsault, 30 % Aramon ~

From 60 to 100 years old vines. The must is macerated in barrel for 10 days before transfer to bonbonne (50l glass jar). After few months outside for the fermentation, the jars are subsequently buried at Spring. No additive and intrants in winemaking for 17 years, not even a little copper or sulfur. The wine is well beyond organic, better described as wild agriculture. This method creates a balance in the vineyard ecosystem, without using any treatment.

A powerful and complex wine, dark robe and aromatic nose however its elegance makes the wine easy to drink and pleasant. Black cherry color, wood berries, some leather but above all a surprising salinity of the mouth finish. Each bottle is numbered, all having subtle differences in nuances; Bonbonne n°4 being my favorite for this particular saline expression for a red wine with character.