~ Sparkling Wine (macerated) ~
~ Aligoté, Apricot infusion ~

Foufou’nette is a recent creation by Julien Altaber, a renowned winemaker based in Saint-Aubin, south of the Côte de Beaune. Made from 100% Aligoté juice in direct press, it does however undergo a maceration not of grape skins but of fresh apricots. The fruits are contained in large teabags to macerate in the wine during the alcoholic fermentation.

The inspiration comes from the famous Belgian brewery Cantillon @brasseriecantillonofficiel. A tribute to the awesome beer called Fou’Foune that Julien loves. The Brewery macerates about 300g of apricots (sourced from environmentally-friendly and sustainable agriculture) for 1 liter of lambic beer for 5 weeks to extract the fragrances and flavours of the fruit.

A lively pet nat with developed aromas of yellow fruits, some roundness and undertones of the apricots. No added sugar and completely dry, with no added sulphites.