~ White Wine ~
~ 100% Sauvignon Blanc ~

60 year old vines of Sauvignon Blanc from a 1 ha plot on clay-limestone soil. Both “Vendange Tardive” and “Sélection de Grains Nobles” (100% botrytis), an absolute rarity in Sancerre! Sébastien left a small part of the grapes from the Auksinis vineyards hanging on the vines for another 3 to 4 weeks (early November harvest). Tiny yields and grapes completely affected by ‘noble rot’.
Sébastien let the wines ferment until dryness; no sweet sensation but an enormous aromatic volume and an exceptional intensity. Off-dry, mineral, nutty, expect some oxidative notes.

In order to make our wines accessible to all customers, we kindly ask your cooperation for a balanced order when purchasing rare and popular wine* with other regions and winemakers.
*Rare and popular winemakers :
L’Égrappille, Pierre Beauger, Domaine Labet, L’Octavin, Les Dolomies, Les Pieds sur Terre, Testalonga and small production quantity wines.