~ Red Wine ~
~ Grenache, Carignan, Syrah, Mourvèdre ~

The pogo is a dance that appeared around 1976 ; the dancers jump in a disorderly fashion, up and down and jostling each other.
“Pogo” got the name from its resemblance to the use of the pogo stick (a jumping toy) where the dancer maintains his torso and arms stiff, and legs closed together. Punk at heart, Alban Michel pays homage to this dance with his ‘pogofermentation’ where the action of batonnage (a stick) moving up and down into the wine refers to the Pogo dance.

After the grapes are harvested together, maceration will occur in a tank for 3 weeks. One half of the juice then ferments in a tank while the other half goes into the barrels, before being mixed together for bottling. No filtration, no fining, no SO2.

Best to let the wine breath for at least a few minutes. 1 or 2 hours would even be better.
Juicy red with significant natural style ethos; jammy red fruits, crunch cherry with the presence of both acetic and yeasty notes. Structured with medium tannins, very drinkable thanks to its great freshness and a long finish.