~ Cider ~
~ Guillevic, Gamay ~

The Gamay grapes come from a vineyard located in Ancenis, a small appellation to the west of the Anjou wine region. The late harvest of Gamay offers to the last bunches on vines a similar maturity to the first apple harvested at the cider house. The grapes are crushed and left to macerate in whole bunches for 8 days.
Free-run juice is collected and placed in vats, and on the same day the macerated Gamay bunches are pressed at the same time as the Guillevic apples. Free run juice, press juice and apple juice are blended in 10 hectoliter vats. Fermentation occurs in a thermo-regulated cellar between 8 and 12° for 3 months. During the co-fermentation (and not blending) the natural production of carbon dioxide occurs from the combined yeast of the grape and the apple, in synergy.