~ Cider ~
~ Guillevic on Dayou lees ~

20 g/L sugar.
30 hl/ha, no maceration. This cider was aged on pommel lees from the estate. 6 months in tank and 1 year in a bottle due to slow fermentation and formation of bubbles. Marc and François recycle the lees use for making pommeau into for the Baphomet fermentation, giving fine aromas and a slight woodiness (the “dayou” pommeau is aged in cognac barrels for a minimum of 3 years) with extra degrees of alcohol. Great depth, rich in aromas, slightly woody and an intriguing liquorice touch. 600 bottles produced. Baphomet is a character from the universe of alchemists and occultism (astrology, alchemy, and natural magic). He has 2 tattoos on his arms “solve et coagula” which means solve and assemble.