~ Red Wine ~
~ Carignan ~

‘l’Antidote’ was the first wine produced by Jean Christophe Comor, who transitioned from a political career in Paris to being a winemaker located in Provence, in 2004. He wants his wine to be as natural as possible: unfined, unfiltered, from indigenous yeasts and sulfur-free. His initial label was named ‘l’Antidote au poison quotidien!’, a natural antidote against our daily poison : the chemical industry!

Harvested by hand on a 2 ha old vines plot of Carignan on a clay-limestone soil. The semi-carbonic vinification developed floral notes, great substance with a hint of spices.
Carignan has a reputation of being a rustic grape variety, however it is not the case with this wine. A fruity red with fine and fresh tannins, on red fruits and a touch of liquorice. This freshness comes from the higher altitude of the vines: 343 meters towards the Mediterranean Sea. A real “cannon”! A wine for BBQs, friends and summer aperitifs.