~ Armagnac ~
~ 100% Folle Blanche ~

XO = Extra Old (aging of different armagnacs, the youngest of which is at least 6 years old), but here the youngest of the brandies is more than 10 years old. Distilled in November 2006 and bottled in August 2017.
Terroir clay-sandy (the ‘boulbène’ in Gascogne) of Armagnac. Folle Blanche is a grape variety from western France. If it was for two and a half centuries the main grape variety of Cognac and Armagnac, the arrival of phylloxera annihilates these vineyards and the graft makes it more sensitive to diseases. This grape gives yet much finer eaux-de-vie with aromatic nose. The grape juices are fermented in wine with natural yeasts and not sulphited, then quickly distilled with an Armagnac still (continuous column still) which works over a wood fire. The lower yields, the wines are richer and once distilled give a living eau-de-vie, fresh and floral. No added sugar or colouring.
Natural amber colour more tawny, aromatic palette enriched with candied orange, prune and touches of tobacco. Balanced and soft, vanilla gingerbread and dried fruits. Nice persistence.