~ Armagnac ~
~ Folle Blanche, Baco ~

VSOP = Very Superior Old Pale (aging of different armagnacs, the youngest of which is at least 4 years old), but here the youngest of the brandies is more than 7 years old. Distilled in November 2010 and bottled in January 2018.
On a sandy-clay soil (the ‘boulbène’ in Gascony), Baco is one of the four main varieties of Armagnac (35% of the surface) known for its resistance, it is also the only hybrid of the appellation; created by François Baco (Landes schoolteacher) in 1898 to fight against phylloxera. A cross of Folly Blanche and American Noah, Baco appreciates the sandy and clay-siliceous soils of the terroir and gives rounded eaux-de-vie suitable for aging. The grape juices are fermented in wine with natural yeasts and not sulphited, then quickly distilled with an Armagnac still (continuous column still) which works over a wood fire. Given the lower yields, the wines are richer and once distilled give a living eau-de-vie, fresh and floral. No added sugar or colouring.
Amber natural colour, very frank with a pastry nose and touches of vanilla and dried fruit. Very gentle, persistent flavours.