Simon Busser started in 2007 by taking over 5 ha of abandoned vineyards for two years, located on the third terrace of the Lot, appellation Cahors.

Simon patiently works all his vineyards with his horses; the precision of his work is impeccable. Here the plants of the banks of the Lot are used in infusion for its vines, the manure of its horses is mixed with the marc and will be used to make the leaven for the yeasts allowing a good fermentation. Perfect grapes are the most important for making wine without sulfur. The first year Simon put a little sulfur in the harvest and fermentation, and then after two years nothing.

Avoiding sulfur and inputs in the wine makes it possible to have an impeccable raw material. For Simon the sulfur destroys the fruit even in small quantities. His wines are neither fined nor filtered.

The sous tirage of wines is made in an increasing phase (from black moon to full moon), the bottling takes place in a decreasing moon phase (from full moon to black moon) because it enhances the wine and promotes the preservation of aromas.

For the connoisseurs, please note that for the tasting of red wines it is better to drink the wine on a fruit day; the wine opens, takes density and the mouth is balanced. To know when the fruit days fall, it is when the moon passes in front of the constellations of  Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra (6 to 8 days per month). Otherwise tasting a wine on a flower day may be a second option because it’s nice on the nose too.