Domaine de Saoubis was established in Bas-Armagnac on a vineyard of 10 ha in one piece surrounded by woods and moors which provide natural protection ; this area, called Armagnac Noir, is very wooded (pine forest). Maurice de Mandelaëre cultivates his vines according to biodynamic principles since 1997. In Gascogne few producers make such a choice to respect nature.

The planting makes Folle Blanche, Colombard and Baco coexisting on siliceous clay soils that are poor in limestone and sometimes acidic. Particular to this domain, Folle Blanche dominates the surfaces (today present on only 2% of the area of appellation).

The estate also makes the choice to use only free run juice and the first press juice, the highest quality ones. Once distilled, the spirits are aged in oak casks of 400 litres. No added sugars or sulphites, indigenous yeasts, and zero colorants.

Maurice also produces liqueurs worked by infusion or extraction ; Fig, Rose, Lemon, Orange, Linden, Pine, Lavender, and a facetious liqueur wine that marries the must of Baco with a 6 year old Armagnac.

Maurice de Mandelaëre leaves it to nature to orchestrate his domain in order to restore in his Armagnacs and his liquors the intact force of the essences and power of vegetation.