Jean Delobre took over the Ardèche family estate in 1984 in the hamlet of Charbieux east of the former village of Bogy. The family used to send their grapes to the cooperative cellar on the plains of the North Ardèche’s foothills. Jean began to make wines at the property in 2001 after converting to organic farming in 1997 and having launched an “organic” group at the cooperative wine cellar.

Originally turned to polyculture (cereals, orchards, herds and vines), the farm turns more and more towards vines, even if cereals, pastures and apricot trees are still present.
The “moon” refers to the lunar calendar of biodynamics and the “seven” brings the spiritual dimension.

8.5 ha Syrah mainly, including 2 ha for whites Roussanne, Marsanne and Viognier. More recently on the flanks of the plateau, Gamay has made its appearance. Zero yeasting, yields of 35hl/h, daily handling with pumping over and punching without extensive extractions. Juices that macerate for about 20 days are not filtered and ferment in open concrete vats. Jean experiments and vinifies without sulfur and therefore his production is very variable from one year to the next.

Jean Delobre is a discreet winemaker deeply attached to the notion of the peasant. Its Saint-Joseph declination is unique, its Syrah give up the effects of a too strong extraction and keep their tannins in suspension.