Marc has been a farmer since 1972, when he was 18 years old. He is a precursor of the organic method, when it was applied informally – not codified. He launched himself into wine in 1990 first for his own consumption, then from 2011 with the help of Shirine for sales.

Marc was inspired into wine making after meeting an old man thirty years ago; specifically as he was making wine by burying glass bottles underground. It was a good wine that did not give headache and Marc decided to follow this idea and looked after his vineyard in collaboration with the animal kingdom and preserving the wild hedges.

Winegrowers without cellar is often used to qualify Marc and Shirine Salerno’s work. Indeed, no winery, all the wines are raised outdoors in 50L glass jars (‘Bonbonne’) that are subsequently buried. Their cellar consists of a big heap of earth, covered with hay, from which emerge at some places the cork of these famous jars.

No products, no electrical equipment, no filtration. The grapes are directly poured during the harvest in ambulant barrels. After a fermentation started outdoors in these barrels, the juices are transferred to the glass jars. They will then be clarified by decantation and extracted by siphoning. The initial aim is to minimize the use of grapes and juices in order to offer live wines and beautiful energy.