Mylène Bru is a girl from the countryside of Corbières in southern Languedoc. Since her first vintage in 2008, she has a very deep attachment to her vines and now lives in the heart of her estate on the limestone hills of Saint-Pargoire. This spot is the remains of ancient sea with debris of seashells and marine sediments. About fifteen parcels lost in the scrubland on 6.5 ha at a place called ‘La Fon de Lacan’ in heights of Sète, an abandoned area under whose spell she fell more than 10 years ago.

The vines are more exposed to the wind in a preserved nature. Blue, green and white are the dominant spectrum and this freedom is reflected in its wines with exuberant charm, to which the small yields from which they come confer seat and density.

The winery is designed to be open on the estate and operational with a minimum of energy (it would be a shame not to enjoy this nature). Mylène does not practice filtration or fining and uses minimum or no sulfur doses.

These wines leave no one indifferent. Their aromatic expressions take us to her dear Languedoc for a walk in the ‘garrigue’.