Bernard Marty is a Montblanc native who has installed a perfumery in his residence Tuileries since 1990. He is the last survivor of an activity that was once the pride of the region. A passionate explorer of plants, he created the Liqueur des Sables on the steps of the family home, continued his experiments in distillation with many pastis and continues with more than 32 perfumes made from essential oils. For years distillation, maceration, refrigeration and printing of the bottle were done on site, though today for security reasons the distillation is moved out of the shop.

Sensitive to ecology, his perfumery houses an unusual museum where plants and distillation come together, with a movie theater as well. More than a thousand species are listed; Bernard knows that each plant has healing properties and shares his knowledge. Its ingredients come from all over the world and Bernard displays them on a giant world map at the entrance of his shop.

For the most difficult jobs he uses a tractor equipped with the Pantone system running on water (for the curious : a mixture of water and fuel is vaporized and heated by exploiting the hot exhaust gases and then these vapors generated are mixed with fresh air introduced into the cylinder for fuel combustion). It is exposed at the entrance of his shop where school groups and visitors can come to learn.

With Bernard Marty it’s a throwback to a not-so-distant era where products had a history and taste. A reminiscence of the beautiful days gone by.