In 2008 Céline Gormally was able to start her 3.65 ha domain thanks to an associative network; Terre de Liens (helping farmers who want to settle). She immediately began practicing organic farming with the help of group savings and donations.
Today Céline and her husband Steve work their vines according to the specifications of organic farming and use biodynamic preparations. The soils are worked mechanically using a small caterpillar, the rest is manual.

The Jura is an semi-continental climate, the iridescent marls are dominant which allows this great variety of whites. With varying degrees of iron oxidation, marly soils range from red to white, and even limestone is found there. This soil which has the property of breaking down easily, allows good penetration of the root network. Perfect for local grape varieties, the Chardonnay also finds advantages with limestone scree.

At the Dolomies the wines are always ‘ouillé’ (barrel is regularly filled to avoid any oxidation and formation of a veil of yeast), the wines are fresh and more mineral than in the classic Jura. This small business quickly became a benchmark.