In 2012, Marc Abel originally a photographer in Paris, and François Desforges a professor of biology in Elbeuf then Auray, decided to change their life paths. At 47 and 51, they decided to be involved in the solidarity economy and sustainable development. After opening an associative grocery store they met La Cidrerie du Golfe, then looking for a buyer; and in one night their job changed to becoming cider producers in Arradon (Bretagne).

All of their orchards are located on the Bretagne coast (Gulf of Morbihan) within 5 km from the farm. The plots are naturally grassed, no phytosanitary products are used and pests are controlled by enriching the biodiversity (bees, tits, etc.). Sheep and donkey take care of the shearing.

La Cidrerie aims to work in harmony with natural elements by using traditional low-tech methods. The “Nature” decides on the maturity of the apples; they are only collected manually once they have naturally fallen off the trees and onto the ground. The juice extracted has aromas of ripe fruit, a characteristic of the Cidrerie du Golfe’s ciders. The press used is from 1950 (‘presse à paquets’) and extracts juices of high quality compared to modern presses.

Without any previous experiences in cider makings, they are now looking after a 5.5 ha orchard (500 trees), using local apples varietal (Guillevic, Douce Coet, Douce Moen, Marie Ménard, Judor…) with no usage of any chemical. Their ciders quickly found themselves on the best restaurant tables in the world !