One of the most “natural” and deliciously old-fashioned wines of Bordeaux at a great value. 40 years of winemaking in Bas-Médoc. 1.7 ha on clay and limestone in organic farming. The surface is so small that Didier and his wife pick all the grapes by themselves.

Didier has arrived in 1976 and found a couple of parcels to purchase this particular corner of the Médoc; it was formerly made up of marshland, most of it having been drained and dried. It hosts lots of life beginning with diverse insects and birds, protecting the immediate surroundings from the travails of intensive monoculture. The down side is that the area is more humid and more difficult to farm organically, with also the 11km-wide estuary of the Gironde close by.

He has old vines of Merlot Queue Rouge and massale selection Cabernet Sauvignon, farmed organically with just a little compost and shallow plowing. Vinification with wild yeasts, no extraction and usually no added sulfur.

Production volume has varied over the last 20 years between 1800 and 8800 bottles per year depending on the harvest conditions. Wines are aged in barrels for 12 to 24 months based on the vintage.