Auvergne is an incredible region with unclassifiable winemakers. This is the case of Catherine Dumora (L’Égrappille) and Manuel Duveau (Yahou Fatal) who take care of 25 small parcels between 300 and 500 meters above sea level. Their vineyards are located along the Bedat valley on dark volcanic soils ranging from basalt to peperite through clay-limestone. The main grape is the Vieux Gamay d’Auvergne (more than 80 years old), an old varietal of local Gamay.

Since their first harvest in 2013, they keep the same philosophy: observing what the vine tells and support it, adapt to each plot and each vine. Treat as little as possible while trying to understand the cycles of diseases and parasites to intervene at the right moment. Horse plowing in a few parcels only and make wines from 100% grape juice, do not rush. To learn and evolve they also continue to exchange with other winemakers.

Their average yield is only of 15 hL/ha. Most of the job is done by hand and they also recover abandoned parcels (obviously not the easiest parcels to work). In the cellar, nothing could come to hinder the natural process of winemaking.

In short, pure wines, alive, bright. A real experience! Constantly experimenting with new techniques, multiple vintages…