Jean-Pierre Frick is not only into biodynamics as a grower and winemaker; the entire atmosphere at the domaine is full of life, harmony and peacefulness. The Frick family has been in winemaking for centuries, currently run by the 12th generation family members. The vineyard covers today about 12ha, producing around 30 different cuvées. In 1970 Pierre and Annette Frick had already converted the estate to organic farming, a global method for the health of the soil, plants … and consumers. Under the guidance of their son Jean-Pierre Frick the domain went fully biodynamic in 1981 and has not chaptalized since 1988.

The winemaker ploughs the soil carefully, uses cow dung every fourth year as the only fertilizer and lets wild herbs flourish in the vineyard during the growing season. In short, the idea is to give the vine a chance to utilize the soil and the sunshine as much and as naturally as possible. By applying bio-dynamic preparations, the earth’s, the plants’ receptivity develops, with regard to their environment: soil, climate, solar and lunar rhythms. Today 90 % of the wines are bottled sulfur free.

Jean-Pierre Frick does not “make” the wines, rather he allows them to develop their own lively, healthy and authentic character.

Tradition, ecology… and creativity! Many of the estate’s vintages are macerated (including their Grand Cru!) reducing the residual sugar, which is often found to have a high content with Alsatian wines such as Riesling, Gewurztraminer or Pinot Gris …

A must try to rediscover the splendour of Alsatian wines