Very independent winemakers, Hubert and his spouse Heidi work 4.65 hectares of a family vineyard next to Eguishem. The small town near Colmar is known for its famous Grand crus Eichberg and Pfersigberg.

Hubert is the Alsatian magician of multi-varietal wine blends; the grapes are in com-plantations and then pressed together. Many of his wines are vinified in blends, something unique in a region accustomed to single-varietal wines. Their wines are therefore named for place names if the regulations allow it, otherwise the name of a wine allows to circumvent this obstacle.

No machines, only Skippy their workhorse for the most difficult field work, otherwise by hand. The two new manual vertical presses are real works of art ‘home made’ in 2017 (the precedent was also unique, wooden cart pulled by their horse); we find astral representations in mozaic porcelain.

The plots are located on a mosaic of soils (marly limestone, sandstone and clay) with low yields. Natural wines without added sulphites for explorers looking for a new experience in Alsace.