Cogito Wines will start its operations before the end of August distributing natural wines in Singapore.

In recent years Singapore moved from a marginal role in wine to become the hub for international wine trade in South-East Asia. Customers are willing to experience unique wines, demanding more quality and also sustainability; this sustainability is however not matching regular circuits of wine distribution were intermediaries and marketing have leading roles.

Here the lead is taken by the winemakers and natural elements. With the proven ability to source the best products, Cogito Wines imports natural wines directly from the producers in Central Europe to Singapore; no chemicals, no additives, no marketing.

The choice of wines is made to offer the best selection between the best names of natural winemaking, intriguing discoveries and classic profiles. Cogito Wines visits wineries, taste the wines and share the philosophy of their winemakers before importing the wines. If marketing is an essential tool in our food and beverage business, we instead choose to spare these efforts to invest on quality and information with a personal approach. We started to share first good wines and good time goes together with the winemakers ; that makes Cogito Wines more able to share it also with its guests.